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UTAP is your transport partner for your project's success!

We provide transportation for the success of your project!
We will select and provide the car in accordance with your needs and budget!

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UTAP is providing transport services for various projects. We offer buses, cars and special vehicles not older than 5-7 years of release.

Our services are available not only in Baku, but throughout Azerbaijan. We developed and introduced the special selection procedure for hiring of drivers drivers to work with UTAP. One of the criteria we use during selection is the experience on working in international companies and organizations, as well as knowledge of a foreign language.

Understanding that the project has time and financial constraints, our team developed a solution that meet the requirements of your project.


  • Safety
    When choosing cars and drivers, we strictly follow the standards and apply modern policies and procedures in the industry.
  • Quick pickup 
    The car and driver is dedicated only to your project.
  • Control expenses
    You can access to application where you can tune reports for desired parameters (date, itinerary) and easily track and manage all your trip-related expenses.
  • Professional drivers
    All drivers have been evaluated and have work experience in international companies and organizations.
  • Speed and navigation
    Drivers choose the best routes using an automatic navigation system Waze.

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