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SAFETY is the priority at UTAP! That's why when we hire drivers, we strictly follow the standards and apply modern policies and procedures in the industry. We all strive to always minimize the rates of accidents, harm to people and damage to the environment. To ensure this, we carefully plan our processes, identify potential hazards and manage risks at every stage.
We will be very happy to share with you the procedures and company policies that we use in our work.

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10 Principles of Road Safety we strictly follow at UTAP

  • 1. Wear your seatbelt
  • 2. Drive responsibly
  • 3. Do not use mobile phone while driving
  • 4. Do not drink and drive
  • 5. Be aware of pedestrians
  • 6. Follow at a safe distance
  • 7. Keep vehicles in roadworthy condition
  • 8. Obey traffic lights
  • 9. Obey speed limits
  • 10. Overtake with care
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