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Total vehicle accident rate (from 2014)


GHG emission per traveler


clients are highly satisfied with UTAP`s service

About UTAP

UTAP was founded in 2014 and provides transport, courier, freight services and passenger transportation for corporate clients.

We have rich experience in providing transportation services for companies and non profit organisations of different sizes and industries. We use individual approach to each client in finding the best solutions. Having solutions from UTAP, out clients can concentrate on their core business, as we provide high quality services.

UTAP has competitive advantage in deploying new technologies in business operation and transport management. We have developed our own platform for fleet management and our drivers equipped with mobile application for receiving and managing orders from clients.

The most important achievement we have is the trust and satisfaction of our clients, which we have gained because of our principles of understanding and readiness to help. We do everything for the safety and comfort of every trip and every delivery.

We are proud of the high reputation of our clients and partners. We highly appreciate their positive recommendations about our service.



We have developed and introduced the world class safety procedures and standards to ensure maximum safety for passengers and drivers.


We are working with large international and local companies and organizations since 2014. Our rich experience and continuous development in accordance with modern trends in the field of corporate transport allows us to ensure the high quality of our services.

Dedicated account manager

We value your business and aim to make customer services in UTAP the most convenient for you. That is why dedicated account manager will work with your company.


Over the years we have gained the trust of many companies and companies, we will be happy to help you too.

Mobile application

The mobile app for iOS and Android is available for our corporate clients to easily book a ride. The user friendly interface of app is integrated with UTAP fleet management platform. Clients don't need to contact the dispatchers to book a ride. They just press the button on app and order is sent to driver close to client.

You can easily manage the level of access of your staff members to using UTAP services.

All UTAP drivers has access to their mobile app where they receive all orders directly. It allows them to see the details of orders: date, time and address of pick up and destination. Mobile application for drivers integrated with the navigation system Waze, which automatically build the the driver's route.

With mobile application from UTAP you can easily see the location of driver.




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